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2.4Ghz digital wireless transmission
 - distortion-free image/audio
 - distance up to 150m
 - penetrates walls and concrete
 - digitally encryted to prevent hacking
CCTV-grade camera
 - microphone for voice surveillance/recording
 - Infrared red light for night vision
 - mobile placement desktop stand and wall-mounting kit
 - dual power - AC adaptor and AAA battery
 - outdoor use weatherproof wireless camera also available
surveillance software
 - motion detection with event notification alerter via email
 - video/audio recording & playback
convertible as wireless PC webcam
remote access using skype and IE via PC or PDA
VM400 Starter Pack, consist one each of the following:
VC40 indoor wireless camera
USB dongle wireless receiver
CCTV software
wall-mount bracket
magnetic desktop stand

Optional items:
sensonic S30 portable USB speaker
sensonic portable power backup for camera
sensonic V800 UPS (extended power backup for camera)
sensonic cordless touch remote presenter mouse
sensonic 16” and 19” AIO slim LCD PC (wall mount/desktop)
Finally, the possibility of setting up your own CCTV for home and small office economically and effortlessly is here with another cutting-edge technology gadget from sensonic – wireless digital CCTV.
Traditional CCTV is costly and difficult to setup as it requires cabling, dedicated video recorder and use analog instead of interference-free digital signal. Once commissioned, it is not easy to re-locate the system as re-wiring is required. Also, configuring the system to view images remotely via internet is also a huge challenge.
Setup is hassle-free and DIY is made possible now with sensonic wireless digital CCTV. Just plug-in the wireless receiver dongle to the USB port of any Windows equipped PC enable you to view and record images. To go for quick setup, a comprehensive Starter Pack called VM400 is available that consists one each of Indoor Wireless IR Camera (VC40), USB wireless Receiver, CCTV software and other related accessories.
You may opt for Starter Pack VM500 which is exactly identical to VM400 configuration except it bundles with a outdoor use camera (VC50) instead of Indoor use VC40 camera. As each wireless Receiver dongle able to link to a maximum of 4 cameras, you can choose and match either indoor or outdoor camera in any combination up to this maximum.
Deploying proprietary 2.4Ghz digital wireless transmission to ensure distortion free images and robust signal capable to penetrate walls and concrete. Very secure unlike WiFi wireless camera that is easily hacked and unable to prevent illegal intrusion to CCTV system. Furthermore, only sensonic cameras are compatible with sensonic wireless Receiver as each camera need to be paired individually to the Receiver with unique ID number.
With wireless connectivity, you enjoy extreme flexibility to meet diverse and special needs limited by your imagination only. This mobility frees up the hassle of cabling and brings the versatility of sensonic wireless camera to open-space as you are able to locate and re-locate the whole surveillance setup to any location.
Connecting camera wirelessly is a must in situation where the need to place camera between buildings that crosses public road and irremovable obstacles or different office floors is imminent. Laying cable is extremely costly or possibly not legally permitted.
With the alternate power source of using AAA battery apart from AC supply, the camera is well suited for outdoor use with almost no restriction such as location.
CCTV software (local)
Skype Call (remote)
Internet Explorer (remote)
PDA/Smartphone (remote)
View images via:
VM500 Starter Pack, consist one each of the following:
VC50 outdoor wireless IR camera
USB dongle wireless receiver
CCTV software
wall-mount bracket
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