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  3x faster key response time for immediate actuation
Maximize speed and response for critical actions during intense frenzy competitive game play.

This revolutionary and patented design is extremely suited for games that require rapid and repetitive firing.This is achieved by shortening key stroke travel distance from 3mm to 1mm.

  Soft touch keys
Key press force reduced by 10gm from the conventional 55g to 45g.
This maximize speed and response for critical action during competitive game play.
  Anti-jam keys design
Many special and frequently used keys like “Shift” and “Enter” are equipped with internal balancing levers to provide even weight distribution, preventing occurrence of jammed keys.
  4-star rated water resistance

Industrial grade water resistance tolerance to protect against accidental liquid spills.

The whole keyboard except area around LED light can be immersed in water for cleaning.

  Extreme silent keys
Key stroke noise level has been reduced almost by half.
Low noise level is extremely critical for serious gaming as key stroke noise is very severe during rapid play, allowing you to focus on the game and not being distracted.
  Re-engineered “Space ” bar
As space bar is a very frequently used key, it has been strengthened with additional springs from 1 to 2 and additional hooks of 5.
  Selective anti-ghosting capability sound WASD cluster
Eliminate signal failure (PC hang) when multi keys are being pressed simultaneously.
SDFJKL + space bar and WASD keys are anti ghosting capable.
  Laser engraved keycap letterings
Each keycap lettering is laser engraved to prevent fading.
  Hyper strong structure
The whole keyboard housing is made of high strength engineering plastic to endure rough handling and abusive play.
Tested to withstand an adult weight standing right on top of the keyboard. Each key offers a remarkable lifecycle of 5 million clicks.
braided cable
The cable is re-enforced with high strength fibers preventing cable snap due to sudden brute pulling and mis-handling.
5 million press life
Xaken mice offers a ifecycle of 5 million clicks, 10x of non gaming mouse.
rubberized coating
Provide excellent grip feel and comfort.
Prevent sudden slip of wet sweaty fingers and palm during rapid and brute motion.
forward button
backward button
cord grip gland
A tiny but critical part to improve durability of mouse.
It grip the end of the cord securely to provide strain relief and prevent cable snap due to accidental brute pulling and mis-handling.
fast scroller
You control the pace..
A near frictionless scroll wheel lets you fly through long documents and zoom in-out images with great ease.
switchable dpi
Toggle sensitivity level from 800-1200-1600-2400 dpi with great ease to suit the unique need of each game.
Play with hyper speed and precision to win.
durable Teflon padding
Teflon material is extremely smooth allowing you to cruise the mouse effortlessly with silky smooth feel.
Extremely durable lasting a total of 300km travelling distance.
28g embedded weight
Additional weight provides
better stability and remove
“floating” feel during rapid motion.
2G laser sensor 2400 dpi
2400 dpi laser sensor arms you with gaming grade precision and reliable tracking that will keep up with your every movement.

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