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  5 million press life
  5 million clicks lifecycle, 10x of non gaming mouse
  ferrite ring protection  
  suppress and absorb high frequency current(EMI) which are harmful to humans and delicate circuitry of the USB port and mouse.  

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bullet cash drawer
bullet receipt printer
bullet barcode scanner
bullet wireless barcode scanner
bullet bluetooth portable printer
bullet omniscanner
bullet 15" AIO POS
Computer Peripherals
bullet wired mouse
bullet cordless mouse
bullet wired keyboard
bullet wired desktop
bullet cordless desktop
bullet 2.0 speaker
bullet 2.1 speaker
bullet wired headset
bullet bluetooth headset
bullet earphone
bullet mobile storge
travel smart
bullet presenter
bullet flash drive
bullet gaming keyboard
bullet gaming mouse
bullet gaming desktop
bullet bluetooth speaker
Personal Computing
bullet LED monitor

Power Protection

Digital Signage
bullet projector screen
Mobile Communication
bullet Smartphone
bullet VR Box

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  Fire shot - cut button
  Play with hyper response fire short-cut button. Win with absolute speed & confidence.
  backward button
  braided cable
  The cable is re-enforced with high strength fibers preventing cable snap due to sudden brute pulling and mis-handling.
  cord grip gland
  A tiny but critical part to improve durability of mouse.
  It grip the end of the cord securely to provide strain relief and prevent cable snap due to accidental brute pulling and mis-handling.
  fast scroller
  You control the pace..
  A near frictionless scroll wheel lets you fly through long documents and zoom in-out images with great ease.
  switchable dpi
  Toggle sensitivity level from 800-1200-1600-2400 dpi with great ease to suit the unique need of each game.
  Play with hyper speed and precision to win.
  Scroller LED blinks indicating DPI switching.
  2G sensor 2400 dpi
2400 dpi sensor arms you with gaming grade precision and reliable tracking that will keep up with your every movement.
  durable Teflon® padding
  Extremely smooth allowing
you to cruise the mouse
effortlessly with silky smooth feel.
  Extremely durable lasting
a total of 300km travelling
multimedia control
1. Press 5 seconds to activate multimedia control. Press again to de-activate.
2. Press to Play/Pause
Scroll Forward/Backward for volume control
3. Launch Internet Explorer (IE)
4. Previous/Next music play
5. Previous/Next music play
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